What is Bai Mudan #Tea

White Peony Tea

Bai Mudan


Origin: Fujian province

Name: Camellia sinensis 


Great tea for those who love a light smooth tea. 

Steep 170 deg F hot water for 3-5 minutes. Re-steeps well up to 3 times/ per leaf.   

Add this gentle white tea to your toners for a natural antioxidant. 

You can add the leaves into the liquid toner and let sit for a day.  Use at night to calm your face.

You can also make a hot tea strain and cool the liquid.  Add the cool liquid to your toner blend. To make a mild day time toner make a light tea  by either using cooler water to steep or by straining the tea leaves out sooner. 

Other uses:

Use 1 tablespoon of tea to make an 8oz toner.

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