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Stress [Guide]
Herbal teas, workouts, spiritual balance..

Detox [Guide]
Herbal teas, workouts, food ideas..

Natural Hair Care [Guide]
Herbal teas, foods, natural habits..

Weight Management [Guide]
Herbal teas, workouts, food ideas..

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Detox & Soften Skin Tea

More herbs WIKI

Read, find and modify our Herbal Tea Wiki

About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

Where do cacao nibs grow?
Read, find and learn more at our Herbal Tea Wiki

About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

Where do cacao nibs grow?

About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

Where do cacao nibs grow?
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01.Black Tea - Certified Organic
02.Calming Herbal Tea (3oz vol.)
03.Darjeeling Green Tea - Whole Leaf Fair Trade - Organic
04.Mozambican Tropical Dreams
05.Putharjhora Green Leaf - organic
06.Se Chung Oolong Tea - Organic
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Weight Loss support & Detox Tea- 14 teabags

Pick a cleansing kit

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Weight Loss support & Detox Tea- 14 teabags

Herbal Laxatives
Not recommended for people with digestive problems, pregnant or lactating women, children under the age of 18 or people with current or past eating disorders. People under medical supervision on medication or with deficiencies should talk to a medical doctor prior to considering an herbal cleanse especially with herbal laxatives. Herbal laxatives may cause cramping, stomach aches and loose stool.

Supple Skin Detox Herbal Blend (at least 30 Capsules)

Fiber based

People with gluten problems or severe digestive problems should consult a doctor before starting any cleanse. This product is the herbal active in Metamucil. (IB, Crohn’s and post surgery).

1) Herbal blend (capsules)

2) Fiber (psyllium husk)

Probiotic Skin Herbal Mix (for juices/shakes)


People with sensitive digestive systems can opt for a probiotic cleanse.

Urinary Cleanse

 Complimentary products



Cleansing the system even for short periods of time is a significant modification and should be taken seriously, especially by people with pre-existing health problems. If you have had any procedures and/or been medicated for digestive problems please carefully analyze every solution to determine the best plan for you. If you need help finding milder solutions contact our experts for ideas. Although there are mild purification solutions that are considered generally safe for children and specialty cases the solutions compiled for this program are more aggressive and generally not recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women. Therefore consult with your physician before taking. Keep out of reach of children under 12 years and pets.

This information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

This article was published on Friday 14 January, 2011.
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Mild Skin Infection w/ Apricots
Mild Skin Infection w/ Apricots
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Calming Herbal Tea  (3oz vol.)
Calming Herbal Tea (3oz vol.)
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Stress Guide
Herbs, workouts, spiritual balance..

Detox Guide
Herbs, workouts, food ideas..

 Herbs WIKI 

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Natural Hair Care
Herbs, foods, natural habits..

Weight Management
Herbs, workouts, food ideas..

Find daily articles on healthy lifestyle ideas.

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