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Who is this for?  People with athletic commitments --i.e.  a marathon you want to complete. These ideas are also great for people that exercise for 7+ hours a week.  Who is this for?  These are ideas and strategies for busy people to maintain energy and health with short and easy lifestyle changes.



Fit Tips for You:

1. Want to see results faster? Check your form. If your form is incorrect, you won't see the results you want. You could also be risking muscular imbalances. Consider scheduling a session with a fitness expert who can watch your movement and make recommendations to improve you form.

Another tell-tell sign of bad form is joint pain. Be aware that continuing to work out in bad form may result in permanent damage.

2. Work muscles in multiple angles for best results. Avoid plateaus by doing several different exercises targeting one particular muscle. Example: Triceps extensions, Triceps dips and Triceps push ups to work the triceps.

3. Mix-n-match low impact cardio with weight lifting. Exercise balls are an easy way to add multi-muscle low impact/high value routine to your overall strategy. Just because it looks fun doesn't mean it won't be an effective way to step up your game.

4. The best time to work out is when you feel most energetic. Pick the best time for you and stick to it. Ask yourself when you will have time to keep your schedule on a regular basis. If you are busy every morning, then maybe the evening is a better time to get in a full workout.

5. Hydrate. You can get your water intake by putting healthy Supple Skin Boutique teas into your water bottle. FYI- the athletes tea has nourishing herbs as well as energy and anti-inflammatory herbs to keep you moving.  

6. Frequency and consistency are key. Schedule at least 3 30-minute workouts a week instead of cramming long hours into one or two days. Shorter but more frequent workouts will get you in the habit of being active throughout the week and give you better results in shorter time.


Fit Tips for You:

1. Remember consistency is key! A few minutes 3-7 days a week go a long way.

2. Commitment. Commitment. Commitment. Create a weekly schedule that you can commit to. If all you have to is 10 minutes on a given day, make the most of that time and stay committed.

3. Eat! For a fast metabolism, don't go more than 3 hours without eating a balanced (lean protein + complex carb) meal or snack.

4. What time is breakfast? Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up. If you don't do anything else, do this!This is key to achieving optimal health.

If you don't do anything else, do this!

5. Hydrate. You can get your water intake by putting healthy Supple Skin Boutique teas into your water bottle. FYI- the weight loss tea has several metabolism booster and is a refreshing way to stay hydrated.

6. You crave what you eat. If you eat sweets incessantly, you will crave them. Vice versa, if you're constantly eating healthy fair, your body will demand it over time.

7. Stretch. Make sure to stretch during your workout periods even if all you have is 10 minutes. Flexibility prevents muscular imbalances.

8. Tip-toe under your desk. Incorporate a few moves in between activities at work and throughout the day. Try push ups over your kitchen counter while you wait for the water to boil.

9. Walk like you are going somewhere. The speed walking strategy



Contributing Expert:


Bella Barak is an NASM certified trainer with an all-female clientele at Bella Body Fitness (BBF), a personal and group training facility exclusively for women in the Upper Kirby/River Oaks area.

Read more about Bella and contact her

This article was published on Tuesday 15 March, 2011.
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