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Hair care tips by Supple Skin

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Natural hair care tips


Stress, bad eating habits and aging are just a few things that impact healthy hair. What was once thick and healthy hair can quickly become thin, weak and lack-luster. Many of you have contacted us with concerns related to thinning hair. Complaints ranged from thin hair after child birth to bad hair as a result of stress and age. Here are a few great easy tips you can incorporate at home for any hair type at any budget.


1. Treat your hair like you love it!
If you ask any hair professional they will tell you to be careful on the amount of heat and chemicals you use on your hair. Regularly using high heat like curling irons and hot combs can leave your hair brittle and damaged. What you may not have known is that if you frequently burn your scalp it can also cause scarring which can result in permanent hair loss at the scarred area.

Try this- Instead of over heating your hair; talk to your hair stylist about styles that require little or no heat to maintain. Your stylist may even be able to give you advice on heat alternatives and new gadgets on the market that use minimal heat to maintain the same great look.

2. Have you had a check up lately?
Did you know that health issues like high blood pressure and some drugs can cause weakening, thinning and even hair loss? When was the last time you had a check up? If you just started a new medication or are experiencing hair loss maybe it's time to talk to you doctor. If your medications is causing hair loss there are a few great supplements, like our hair health teas, that are natural sources of nutrients specifically for hair.

Try this instead - There is no such thing as "TMI" when it comes to talking to your doctor. Let your doctor know you are concerned about your thinning hair and ask her candidly what options she recommends to help strengthen it. Is it ok to take a supplement? What should I avoid when looking for a hair supplement (i.e. blood thinners or certain minerals)? If you know what to avoid you can take that information to your local herbal specialist to create a custom blend for you without the stress or concern of interactions.

 3. Leave the slicked back pig-tails for kids and celebrities.
The tight slicked back hair style has a limited window of usability. Here are a few great times to use these styles:

1) If you are 13 years old on your way to cheerleading camp.

2) If you just got nominated for a Grammy and are having your hair done by an eccentric Hollywood hair dresser.

Otherwise, we recommend avoiding regularly styling your hair in any way that puts tension on the hairline. Slicking your hair back with gel can be trendy, but doing this too often can permanently extend the hair line. 

Try this instead - If you need a quick easy gel style; wet hair and loosely slick back using bobby pins to hold in place. Great rule of thumb-- if it hurts to wear avoid it.


4. Go Green

The average American uses 900 products everyday, so my best piece of advice would be to cut back where you can. Prolonged use (10-20 consecutive years) of chemicals can cause gradual hair loss. Be cautious not to overuse chemicals by dying the hair often and relaxing hair more than recommended, including “spot perms,” which can also cause thinning, shedding, and overall hair loss.

Try this instead- Have you thought of wearing your natural hair for a while? More and more salons are incorporating low and no-chemical process such as dyes, shampoos and conditioners to name a few. Rather than perms or relaxing your hair there are many low maintenance glamorous natural hair styles to chose from.


5. Chose your style carefully

Keep in mind when choosing your style that damage from bonding glues or tight braids can lead to permanent damage and hair loss. For children, avoid rubber bands, “ball” holders and make sure to remove ponytails prior to bedtime.

Try this instead -Avoid bonding glues and chose latches or clip-on extensions. When braiding, avoid tight braids, especially near the hair line.


Contributing Expert:


Tamika Fletcher is the co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, a chemical free hair salon in Houston. The salon specializes in natural hair care, organic products and the treatment of hair loss in adults and children. Fletcher is a strong advocate of environmental awareness and client education and hopes to inspire others to work toward “green” lifestyle choices while making smart beauty decisions.

Contact Tamika for personal consultations and custom solutions:

/Read Tamika's entire bio here/



This article was published on Sunday 23 October, 2011.
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