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About Calendula

What is burdock root?

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About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

Where do cacao nibs grow?

About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

Where do cacao nibs grow?
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Our Commitment 2013 by Supple Skin


{I chose to celebrate my best me}

Our new year leads us into a new journey and a new commitment. Is it too much to strive to be our best? To be better than last year and always better than yesterday? What would it mean to notice our daily wins and cherish them? How would we look if we noticed our accomplishments and worked to reproduce each one no matter how small or large? We chose to down play our failures and cheer out loud for our achievements. What would it mean if we did not care to noticed those who are uncomfortable with our growth, but instead find and strength relationships with those who push us to new and bigger feats?

This year we chose to commit to be our best, and ask you to join us to be your best. This is not a worry about our shortcomings, but a challenge to our purpose. Our belief that we exist to learn and improve. Our simple view that we are created in perfection with a sense of purpose.


To start our journey this year we have created our first online social space, SSB Lifestyle. Here you can login to find content, share ideas and create your own communities.


DETOX TIME - First on our checklist in 2013 is a focus on balance and cleansing.  We hope you join us, starting January for our annual Detox Time campaign. Find herbal tea blends, juicing recipes and lifestyle solutions to help remove physical and mental toxins that can weigh you down.

Find our products in more locations at your local HEB stores and in line with this year's commitment, stay tuned for our product improvements. Join us throughout the year at your local grocer as we sample and talk about our herbal blends and the benefits of traditional herbal medicine.


Our blog will focus on information about herbal medicine. Join us on Facebook and Twitter  to get daily updates. To research or post information about traditional herbal medicine use our new SSB Herbal Tea WIKI.

We hope to live by example and be your biggest cheerleader. Share your accomplishments with us on our social media or email us. If you are in the healthy lifestyle industry, post your business on SSB Community or create a blog in our SSB Lifestyle pages.


Yeah to being better! And yeah to you on your best 'you journey'!


Team Supple Skin Boutique

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Mild Skin Infection w/ Apricots
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Calming Herbal Tea  (3oz vol.)
Calming Herbal Tea (3oz vol.)
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Commitment 2013

Green Business Bureaur Member

Proud Signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics

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Stress Guide
Herbs, workouts, spiritual balance..

Detox Guide
Herbs, workouts, food ideas..

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A WIKI on homeopathic herbs.

Follow our daily blog on the benefits of homeopathic herbs.

Natural Hair Care
Herbs, foods, natural habits..

Weight Management
Herbs, workouts, food ideas..

Find daily articles on healthy lifestyle ideas.

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