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Detox & Soften Skin Tea

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About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

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Read, find and learn more at our Herbal Tea Wiki

About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

Where do cacao nibs grow?

About Calendula

What is burdock root?

How to make and use bitter melon?

Where do cacao nibs grow?
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Ur 2 Cents by Supple Skin

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Insider Pages Reviews for Supple Skin BoutiqueHave experience with this business? Write a Review.
★★★★☆Great Houston Must See!

Lenar85 C.
I love the place! The website is a little deceiving so I thought it would be one of those overly sanitized new boutiques that is why I took away a star. It is actually very eclectic family run business in the heart of Houston. This is the kinda business that makes Houston such a great place to live! It is a must see for anyone visiting Houston. BTW my fav tea is the Skin Detox.
October 19, 2010Report Abuse

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Find this product: http://suppleskinboutique.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=408


 by Gineesha Gold

07/22/2010I have been using the detox and soften tea for almost a year and I love it! It really helps with the dry heat in vegas. It is easy to order online I wish you guys had a store out here.

Find Detox and Soften



Sipping Supple Skin Boutique Detox tea by @tea4skin. 100% organic. I've had it everyday for two weeks now, love it


Find this product: http://suppleskinboutique.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=408


Chai Tea bySupple Skin Boutique 


Okay...so I had to google Shatavari - basically - it's Asparagus!

This is a nice, direct and to the point chai with the addition of Shatavari AKA Asparagus!

I would classify this as a medium strength Chai...both in black tea strength and in spice strength. It's nice!

I can taste a lemon/orange type citrus hint as well...eventho I do not see citrus in the list of ingredients!

I really like this especially after sitting at room temp for a few minutes! YUM!

Unique! Leaves a sweeter-than-I expected aftertaste! Ah!

24 days ago I Like This 13 likes 4 comments



Reviews by Google users Been here?

Jul 18, 2010 This is unique I didn't really know this kinda stuff existed before I found this place. I have been using the acne tea for a little over a month now and I really really like the results. The store is a collection of herbs from all over the place for skin care and beauty.

Everything is transparent and it is actually pretty cheap considering I spent a few hundred dollars in acne treatments and just 20 bucks on this tea.

Great place if you are looking for a more natural skin option.

5 out of 6 people found this review helpful.Was this review helpful?

Supple Skin Boutique (herbal tea makers) - Thursday, December 16, 2010


Cacao Nibs

Herbal TeabySupple Skin Boutique

Cacao Nibs organic and fair trade (1oz)

Large cut pieces are ideal for herbal tea. Steep 1 tsp in cup of hot water 2-5 minutes.

Add to your favorite tea or herb for a unique flavor. Couples well with teas, peppermint, lemongrass and spearmint. Preferred alternative to sugary children's drinks. Add to spearmint and stevia for kids.

Cacao beans and nibs contain a number of components that have been proven beneficial in research. Many of these constituents are destroyed or lessened by processing (i.e. milk chocolate is not as healthy as dark chocolate which is not as healthy as unprocessed cacao). For this reason health practitioners recommend that anyone interested in eating cacao for its health benefits use raw, unprocessed cacao beans and nibs rather than processed chocolate.

Warnings: Anyone with a sensitivity.... [read more]


 Sent Posted on Suppleskinboutique.com: Thursday, Jan 12, 2010  Subject: 

43 Pounds Lost!!!

I am a regular customer at Supple Skin Boutique. I lost 43 pounds of body fat. In one of my photos I weighed 200 pounds and my chest and upper back was full of acne, and in the other I weighed 157 pounds and with a chest and upper back smooth and acne free. You can pretty much guess which is which.

If you ask me how I did it, I will say: GNC, 24hr fitness, and very importantly Supple Skin Boutique! The tea played a principal and vital roll in cleansing out my organs(liver, kidneys, colon, blood, and pancreas) so that the body systems such as the metabolism and energy production systems would work efficiently and produce good whole natural energy, and so that my blood was clean enough to clear the acne on my chest and upper back, that acne creams failed to clear. The Supple Skin Boutique tea solved the problem I was having! Instead of just trying to patch it up with creams, it got rid of the gunk within my body that was weakening me and causing my skin to break out. Many thanks to Supple Skin Boutique. They have my vote and my business for a very long time!!! I high recommend them to everyone!!!

Frank Garcia

 Green Tea, Japanese Sencha


High Quality Green Tea! YUM! Just enough of everything you would like and need in a green tea... [read more]


 Skin Detox

Green Herbal BlendbySupple Skin Boutique

A meaty organic Japanese Sencha green tea blend with herbs to promote mild blood and urinary cleanse helps soften the skin and push out toxins and the pollutants from the body


 BLOGGER REVIEWED PRODUCT -----------------------

Try This Delicious Anti-Aging Tea from Supple Skin

October 13, 2010 by Julia WassongravatarcloseAuthor: Julia Wasson Name: Julia Wasson

For most of the past decade, I've been a coffee lover. As a former road warrior, I frequented  a lot of city coffee shops and drank

my share of airport coffee. But I've found something new to quench my thirst and soothe my spirit: La La's Tea from Supple Skin. It's filled with "Anti-Aging Antioxidants" that are not only healthy, but also delicious. Fancy that: a beverage that tastes good and does good for your body at the same time. READ MORE



Scar Reduction Herbal Oil Blend

 Celebrity reviewed-----

Emily Wagner from hit series E.R. wrote on her blog:


Calling all Herbal Teas Heads! This place is for you. SUPPLE SKIN BOUTIQUE

They also sell a few lovely homemade BATH and BODY products rich in natural herbs and ingredients. I'm loving their Scar Reduction Oil [READ MORE]




Glow Tea Blend

Sent: Thursday, July 09, 2009  Subject: thank you

i recieved a gift from you're grand opening sweepstakes. Thank you so much..!!! You have a product called " Antioxidant Herbal Skin Blend" i can't find it can you send me the link for it please. Also in the gift's enclosure it says you will have a tea called "skin glow" please keep me up to date. i live in california , which is a desert climate and i'm looking for a tea that will make my skin glow and soften it. So I"m looking foward to you're "skin glow tea".

New Customer For LIfe,




OUR RESPONSE (7/10/09): 

Hi Raiiven,

Thank your for the great email. We are happy that you liked the bag and our products. Well, we are more than happy we have been online bragging all day (Check out our tweets-- twitter.com/suppleskin)!

Here is the link to the Antioxidant herbal blend.


BTW: We do not alter the herbs or artificially sweeten them. This blend contains natural aloe and organic acerola which some people are not used to, but it is one of our most powerful blends.

If you want to start with baby steps getting a good helping of antioxidants with a sweeter tasting tea then the Antioxidant berry blend is very good:


This one is also good:


Also check out all the new antioxidant teas that are coming out in the "Antioxidants" section:


Glow is truly something to crave. It is the new tea trend and one of our original blends. You will really like it. If you need extra hydration mix in some of the "Basic Hydration" blend.


Supple Skin Team



Supple Skin Boutique

Calm and Smooth Tea 


Sent: Saturday, June 06, 2009

Subject: My Complexion

Nelia [TM],

I have problem skin, i.e. large pores, unevenness/discoloration, and frown lines. What would you recommend?




Hi Kevin

For the discoloration and large pores the Detox tea is good. It has over 15 blends of teas, berries and herbs to help detox and balance your system. Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Licorice and Blessed Thistle are all primary ingredients.

For fine lines the Calm tea does a good job. Drink Calm in the evening before sleeping.

Replace coffee with Ginseng and add a good sun block (+ SPF 30).

Best regards,


"Nelia" and "Supple Skin Boutique" are registered trademarks owned by Supple Skin LLc.




To whom this may concern:
Just an FYI, I'm not trying to be a snot because I really love your premise and the whole idea behind your store's concept but, you should NEVER use alcohol on your face. You recommended adding that to the DIY toners on your page and I just thought you should correct that. If someone with oily skin feels they need something to "zap" the zits or oil from their skin then

 you should suggest an herb or essential oil that (mixed with witch hazel) would do so. But alcohol can actually damage the skin and prematurely age it. Hope this helps. And in case you're wondering I am an esthetician and skin care, essential oils and herbs has been my obsession for many, many years. Thanks for listening! Have a great day!


14 Apr 2009



Hi Megan, Thanks for your feedback.  We really appreciate your comments.  In fact your email has resulted in this new page on our site, to share this kind of information with others.

On this topic there are several schools of thought. And we agree with you, that alcohol in large quantities, by itself and/or on very sensitive skin is not a good idea.  However, when making your own toner alcohol is an ingredient that can be especially effective in small quantities.

 One of the possible toner combinations we like is using a small amounts of alcohol combined with your favorite essential oil, mineral water and natural tea.  Mix this solution in a bottle and shake well.  Use a cotton pad to apply and rinse your face with water afterward. Using high antioxidants teas like white green teas are really great.


Ratios can vary depending on your specific skin type and desired outcome, but here is a sample recipe:

--->  1oz mineral water  

--->  1oz of green tea (strain out the leaves)

--->  1tsp of squalane oil (you can use any natural oil that you like, just adjust depending on thickness)

--->  3-5 drops of alcohol          

If you prefer you can replace the alcohol in your toner mix with witch hazel or even fresh squeezed lemon juice (store in a cool place).

Thanks again Megan for being proactive!


Send us Ur 2 Cents at info@SuppleSkinBoutique.com  

Please read: At supple skin we are not doctors, dermatologists or even estheticians. It is true that from time to time we do consult with professionals to ensure consistent and accurate information. However, we offer information for educational purposes and recommend that you consult a doctor before starting any new regime. For disease and other illnesses please contact your doctor.

We are scientists, engineers and herbalists dedicated to whole health, self worth and Great Skin!


The information on this page has been slightly altered to protect individual privacy.   


"Nelia" and "Supple Skin Boutique" are registered trademarks owned by Supple Skin LLc.


Read our Skin Science philosophy

Get more skin care products and info at

2368 Rice Blvd

Houston, TX 77005


This article was published on Wednesday 15 April, 2009.
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Calming Herbal Tea  (3oz vol.)
Calming Herbal Tea (3oz vol.)
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