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Our Philosophy by Supple Skin

Supple Skin Boutique is a concept that couples internal health solutions, spiritual balance and modern technologies to obtain optimal beauty through health.  The concept was founded in Houston, TX, USA by a young female engineer, who discovered that beauty is very subjective and only truly defined by a grasp of positive worth and whole health. Supple Skin Boutique is now a family run and operated business by the original founder and her family.

Spiritual Balance 

Supple Skin Boutique incorporates the fundamentals of traditional medicine and spiritual practices common to western belief in Christian, Muslim and Judaism as well as Budist, African and Native American spiritualism. We looked to identify commonplace ideas that are generally considered positive in a theme we refer to as "Mental Detox." This part of the philosophy is practical in that 1000s of years of human spirituality generally converge in agreement on the following:  1) quiet space, 2) prayer/meditiation and 3) forgiveness/community.  We observed these to be necessary for human health and fundament to our beauty philosphy. In summary, if you can not appreciate yourself you will never appreciate your beauty.

Internal Health

Our internal health and wellness philosophy is based on the idea that Earth provides solutions to our needs.  We developed herbal solutions, juicing recipes and dietary ideas to support this all available online and in our stores. 

Our herbal support solutions are part of many years of research and ongoing optimization.  We consult experts ranging from medical doctors, herbalists, natural health practicianers, scientists and engineers to generate our blends and philosophies. Our herbal solutions can be found in our stores through information as well as herbal and tea products at www.SuppleSkinBoutique.com/catalog

Modern innovations

Our belief in natural sciences is does not negate our belief in effective modern sciences, which is often an extraction from natural science. We carry and make all natural bath and body as well as powerful clinically proven topicals for sun protection, anti-aging and more.  We believe that a good doctor on your beauty team is not a bad thing to ensure that your regime is consistent with your medical needs.

Our Herbal Skin Science Philosophy

What it is?
A rich blend of herbs, teas, probiotics, enzymes, and/or dried fruit that help remove toxins and promote natural rejuvenation from the inside out. Mostly based on traditional native American, Asian, Indian, African and other herbal sciences.  Best when combined with a healthy eating regime and topical solutions that renew and balance PHP. 
How it works?
We recommend that you consult a dermatologist or medical doctor before starting any skin care or holistic regime to help couple solutions that best work for you.

The concept of herbal solutions is to support you and your quests for health and beauty by cleansing, replenishing, balancing and renewing your system. Thus this is not considered a cure or treatment for diseases of any kind.
Why we do it?
Our goal is to put together blends to make your search for these herbal solutions easier.  You can also research the herbs and teas and put together your own blend using our MUO (Make UR Own) products and information. Our quest in making these herbal tea blends is to educate and make information especially traditional, tribal and natural history, easy to find and understand. This goal is part of our mission 

 "To redefine the way people look at obtaining optimal skin health by addressing the whole person including internal health, education and proven modern innovations and on the way support an appreciation for beauty in all its varied forms on Earth"


Our Strategic Approach to Internal Health

Although our beauty philosophy is comprehensive our founding premise is that the best way enhance your beauty is by supporting internal health.

We offer a variety of ways to do this including our herbal and tea blends for:

  • 1. Balancing- to naturally balance your system, improve vitality and support soft supple skin we have created teas and herbal mixes that include natural ingredients known for balancing your system.
  • 2. Detox - our detoxifying teas and herbal blends help remove chemical and other toxins that accumulate in the blood and bladder. Not only are these teas good cleansers they help improve tone and reduce discoloration.
  • 3. Moisture- our moisture teas are designed to improve the overall feel of skin by naturally improving moisture retention. These teas are for people with dry skin or to compliment drying spa or abrasive spa treatments such as a dry sauna or sea scrubs.
  • 4. Calming - calming teas are design to smooth skin and reduce texturizing like heat bumps and chemical related bumpiness-i.e. from retinol and chemical peels. Drink these teas in the evening or before resting.
  • 5. Antioxidant- although most of our products are packed with antioxidants, our antioxidant blends is a high concentrate antioxidant solutions to support a variety or health needs as well and prevent premature aging.

Our Strategic Approach to External Beauty Solutions

Bath & Body that we make - We have modified our bath and body philosophy to include only the most natural blends we can make without compromising health and safety.  Our new lines are botanical solutions designed to bring out the best in your skin with little or no synthetic product.  This is part of our commitment to safe cosmetics as a signer of "The Compact for Safe Cosmetics."

Proud Signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics

Bath & Body that we carry and may suggest - We are not against innovation and understand that sometimes man-made products can resolve and/or act as a catalyst to natural sciences.  We are committed to informing you of both the benefits and possible contraindications to our products both natural and synthetic so that you can decide on an approach.    

The Innovative Concepts Around Supple Skin Boutique Skin Science.....

In addition to our herb and tea products we offer:

  • 1. HowTos and Tips- find tips on everything from basic skincare for the novice to advanced trends for skincare addicts.
  • 2. Skin Science Boutiques- if there is one near you then you can take advantage of our specialists to learn more about this unique and ground breaking approach to beauty.
  • 3. Mental detox- We encourage you to find ways to foster peace of mind including giving, prayer, meditation and forgiveness.  
  • 4. Bulk solutions and accessories- Just enjoy the flavors of healthy beneficial herbs and teas.  We carry all of the ingredients for our herbal solutions through wholesale solutions called MUOs (Make Ur Own).  If you are looking for an exotic tea, herb or both we probably have it in our store. In addition to unique tea accessories that are both practical and fun.

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Please be informed that these statements are proprietary. All rights reserved by Supple Skin LLc.

Supple Skin Boutique

2368 Rice Blvd

Houston, TX 77005

This article was published on Sunday 01 March, 2009.
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